Public Safety Dive Teams, SAR Teams, Police, Fire, Sheriff, EMS and other Local and Federal Dive Rescue and Dive Recovery Teams perform important, life saving and risky activities everyday.

Public Safety Divers and other Rescue Divers are an integral part of the dive team, the department, the community and the justice system.  Their activities are important and need to be recorded, not just for history and glories sake but also to preserve team member safety, protect the team, the community and the team, justify and secure funding, and assist in criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Sea Wolff Diving SAR Team Manager was designed to automate 
the least desirable job on the team 
to the benefit of:


Team Members
The Team
Records Officers
The Department
Training Officers
The Municipality
Team Leaders
The District Attorney
Your Equipment Maintenance Officer

Sea Wolff Diving SAR Team Manager helps you deliver the benefits
when and where it counts!

  SAR Manager was developed at the request of  the Orange County (Fl) Sheriff's Office. Original specifications were broadened as Sea Wolff Diving Software received input from major local and federal law enforcement agencies ( FBI Dive Team) as well as fire departments and dive rescue training organizations (International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists) from across the country. 

Organized around team call outs, training,  equipment usage, health, and evidence tracking, SAR Manager is the only program designed specifically to assist your dive or SAR team.

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The special requirements of the contributing agencies were added to our already comprehensive Sea Wolff Dive Log and Sea Wolff Instructor Log programs available since 1992. Here is the short list of features and screens that will make it easy to retrieve call out information, lookup evidence information, and help monitor your team members health.
Call out based
record keeping screens:
Post Call Out Support Personnel
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Gun Getter Evidence Retrieval with Proximity Search
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Body Recovery
  • Disposition Tracking
  • Dive Rig Assignments
  • Weapon Recovery
  • Court Book Print Out
  • Health Track with Diver and Site Cross Reference
  • Property Recovery
  • Training Registration and cert tracking
  Many more helpful features!  
You may have seen our preview at the National Public Safety Dive competition, in Alert Diver or Dive Training.  Take a walk through of our call out screens at 
Login and Menu Diver Screens Equipment Screens SAR Event Screens

Contact us at sarmanager with any questions you may have. (516) 375-4315
In addition to SAR Manager, we have software for individual divers (Sea Wolff Dive Log for Windows) and instructors and divemasters (Sea Wolff Instructor Log for Windows). Our Auction NoWWW software (also developed in conjunction with OCSO) is available for municipal off line auctions of Fleet and Seized Property. Information is available at our site at

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